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Where's the Beef?
Where's The Beef
Compilation Album
Released 1997
Label Drive-Thru

Where's the Beef? is a compilation album released by Drive-Thru Records in 1997. The album features Less Than Jake's cover of the Twisted Sister song We're Not Gonna Take It which was originally released on the split album with Sprocket Wheel in 1996.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Riverfenix - "Minimum Wage"
  2. Mothermania - "Yellow #5"
  3. Less Than Jake - We're Not Gonna Take It
  4. Cousin Oliver - "Valentine's Day"
  5. The Impossibles - "So Much"
  6. The Get Up Kids - "A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts"
  7. Peterbuilt - "Armstrong"
  8. Eve's Plumb - "Lost in Space"
  9. The Wrens - "Broken"
  10. Moog - "Winnebago"
  11. The Hippos - "Far Behing"
  12. My Superhero - "Going Somewhere"
  13. Chris Knox - "Half Man, Half Mole"
  14. Bracket - "Serena Hides"
  15. The Supaflies - "Hot Rod '75"
  16. Dynamite Boy - "Background"
  17. Goldfinger - "Darrin's Song"
  18. The Broadways - "Fuck the Church"
  19. Unleaded Plus - "Punk Rock Girl"
  20. Jeffries Fan Club - "I Must Be Stupid"
  21. Da Pimps - "Summer Fling"
  22. Tugboat Annie - "Poster Boy"
  23. Kill Me Tomorrow - "Difficult"
  24. The Space Twins - "Goddess of Love"

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