The Duran Duran Tribute Album
Duran Duran Tribute
Compilation Album
Released 1997
Label Mojo / Universal

Track ListingEdit

  1. Goldfinger - "Rio"
  2. Buck-O-Nine - "Hold Back the Rain"
  3. Deftones - "The Chauffeur
  4. Wise Crack - "Come Undone"
  5. Reel Big Fish - Hungry Like the Wolf
  6. Less Than Jake - The Reflex
  7. Riverfenix - "Ordinary World"
  8. Gob - "A View to a Kill"
  9. Bjorn Again - "Girls on Film"
  10. The Wrens - "The Seventh Stranger"
  11. Eve's Plum - "Save a Prayer"
  12. Jimmy Eat World - "New Religion"
  13. The Mr. T Experience - "Is There Something I Should Know"
  14. Wesley Willis Fiasco - "Girls on Film"

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