That Was Now, This is Then
That Was Now This Is Then
Compilation Album
Released 1997
Label Liberation

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Crumbs - "New Race"
  2. Showcase Showdown - "Johnny Won't Go to Heaven"
  3. Violent Society - "Room For One"
  4. Sloppy Seconds - "Let's Loot the Supermarket"
  5. Bill McRackin - "Baby, Baby"
  6. Hickey - "The American in Me"
  7. Dillinger Four - "You're Not Blank"
  8. Teen Idols - "Teenage Depression"
  9. Nobodys - "All Kinds of Girls"
  10. The Migraines - "Neat, Neat, Neat"
  11. Quincy Punx - "We've Got the Neutron Bomb"
  12. The Geezers - "Stuck on You"
  13. Less Than Jake - This is the Modern World
  14. Chinese Millionaires - "Oh No!"
  15. Boris the Sprinkler - "Do the Robot"
  16. Moral Crux - "1977 (1997)"

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