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Steady Sounds From the Underground
Steady Sounds From The Underground
Compilation Album
Released 1998
Label SideOneDummy

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Skeletones - "She's Alright"
  2. Buck-O-Nine - "Dear Mama"
  3. The Pietasters - "Higher"
  4. Dance Hall Crashers - "Othello"
  5. The Independents - "In The Rain"
  6. Mad Caddies - "The Bell Tower"
  7. The Smooths - "Enemy"
  8. Mustard Plug - "Send You Back"
  9. Wank - "Forgiven"
  10. The Blue Meanies - "I Fitznik"
  11. Hepcat - "Baby Blues"
  12. The Pilfers - "Show No Fear"
  13. Kemuri - "Prayer"
  14. Bim Skala Bim - "Johnny O'Reily"
  15. The Supertones - "Like No One Else"
  16. Less Than Jake - Mixology of Tom Collins
  17. Fishbone - "I'm a Weed Plant"
  18. The Othercuts - "Alone"

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