Six Pack to Go
Six Pack To Go
Compilation Album
Released 1996
Label Stiff Pole

Six Pack to Go is a compilation album released by Stiff Pole Records in 1996 which features four songs from six bands. The album features Less Than Jake's Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore and Process, which can be found on Pezcore, along with Fucked and the Tommy Tutone cover 867-5309 (Jenny) which can both be found on Losers, Kings and Things We Don't Understand.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Less Than Jake - Process
  2. Less Than Jake - Fucked
  3. Less Than Jake - Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
  4. Less Than Jake - 867-5309 (Jenny)
  5. Load - "Bolt of Lead"
  6. Load - "Palomino Steaks"
  7. Load - "Haitian Incantation"
  8. Load - "Ivan Claw"
  9. The McRackins - "Fraidy Doo"
  10. The McRackins - "El Dopa"
  11. The McRackins - "Runnin"
  12. The McRackins - "Willy Killigan"
  13. Decadent Few - "Alien Bondage"
  14. Decadent Few - "Diatribe"
  15. Decadent Few - "Breakdown"
  16. Decadent Few - "Lunatic Penance"
  17. No Fraud - "Radio Sucks"
  18. No Fraud - "Venice/Curfew"
  19. No Fraud - "New Tribalism/Edukit"
  20. No Fraud - "When 1=2/Ain't Nothing to Do"
  21. Tiltwheel - "Truth is Twisted"
  22. Tiltwheel - "Blink"
  23. Tiltwheel - "Pegboy"
  24. Tiltwheel - "Snap"

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