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Projekt Revolution Sampler
Projekt Revolution Sampler
Compilation Album
Released 2004

Track ListingEdit

  1. No Warning - "Dirtier Than the Next"
  2. Thrice - "Under A Killing Moon"
  3. M.O.P. - "Ground Zero"
  4. Helmet - "Smart"
  5. Story of the Year - "The Heart of Polka is Still Beating"
  6. Linkin Park - "Breaking the Habit" (Live)
  7. Thursday - "For the Workforce, Drowning"
  8. Goldfinger - "My Everything"
  9. Jadakiss - "Shoot Out"
  10. Korn - "Did My Time" (Live)
  11. Instruction - "Breakdown"
  12. Less Than Jake - Look What Happened
  13. Ghostface - "Be This Way"
  14. Funeral For A Friend - "Juneau"
  15. Stutterfly - "Gun in Hand"
  16. The Used - "Maybe Memories"
  17. Shadows Fall - "What Drives the Weak"
  18. Autopilot Off - "Clockwork"
  19. Snoop Dogg - "Fool'n Yaself"

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