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Misfits of Ska
Misfits of Ska
Compilation Album
Released 1996
Label Asian Man

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Blue Meanies - "Accerleration 5000"
  2. Rudiments - "Trash"
  3. The Suicide Machines - "I Don't Wanna Hear It"
  4. Ganster Fun - "Fat Lady Skank"
  5. Less Than Jake - Soundcheck
  6. MU330 - "Press"
  7. Out Of Order - "Peristalsis"
  8. Tantra Monsters - "Boto Chargee"
  9. One Eye Open - "Paul Sharrar"
  10. Johnny Socko - "Art Show (A Polka)"
  11. Slapstick - "Nate B."
  12. Mealticket - "Neanderthal"
  13. Voodoo Glow Skulls - "Charlie Brown"
  14. Reel Big Fish - "Skatanic"
  15. Skankin Pickle - "I'm in Love With a Girl Named Spike"
  16. The Exceptions - "I Hate You"
  17. The Janitors Against Apartheid - "Breakfast Pastry"
  18. The Independents - "Bloody Night, Bloody Knife"
  19. Sublime - "Romeo"

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