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Mailorder Is Still Fun!!
Mailorder Is Still Fun
Compilation Album
Released 1999
Label Asian Man

Mailorder Is Still Fun!! is the second compilaton in the "Mailorder" series released by Asian Man Records in 1999. This album is a compilation of Asian Man bands, including the Less Than Jake song Big which was previously released on Pezcore, along with bonus bands from the Tomato Head label.

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Blue Meanies - "Acceleration 5000"
  2. Alkaline Trio - "Cringe"
  3. Johnny Socko - "Spa"
  4. Tuesday - "So Awake"
  5. The Chinkees - "Big World"
  6. Dan Potthast - "Where's Teddy?"
  7. Korea Girl - "B-Side"
  8. The Broadways - "The Kitchen Floor"
  9. Mike Park - "Korea Is So Far Away"
  10. Less Than Jake - Big
  11. Slow Gherkin - "Trapped Like Rats In Myers Falt"
  12. MU330 - "Favorite Show"
  13. Link 80 - "Verbal Kint"
  14. Unsteady - "Tokyo"
  15. Potshot - "Freedom"
  16. Pushover - "Yo Se"
  17. Slapstick - "What I Learned"
  18. Knowledge - "Brotherhood"
  19. The Muggs - "An Army"
  20. The B. Lee Band - Don't Sit Next to Me Just Because I'm Asian
  21. Blindspot - "Middleground"
  22. Young Punch - "Feel Your Sorrow, Tell Your Happiness"
  23. Nicotine - "Amnesia"
  24. The Jamons - "Positive Friction"
  25. The Wunder Years - "Two Sticks"
  26. Luckie Strike - "Slightly Stoopid"
  27. The Peacocks - "How Do You Know?"
  28. Big D and the Kids Table - "Myself"

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