Background Information
Origin St. Louis, Missouri
Genre Ska Punk
Third Wave Ska
Psycho Ska
Years active 1988-present
Label(s) Asian Man
Associated Acts The Stitch Up
Dan Potthast
Gerry Lundquist
Ted Moll
Chris Diebold
Rob Bell
Former Members
Jason Nelson
John Kavanaugh (aka Skavanaw)
Matt Struckel
Nick Baur
Matt Knobbe
Traygen Bilsland

MU330 (pronounced "em-you-three-thirty", or "muso" as in musically aware) is a ska punk band formed in 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri. The original members met in St. Louis University High School music class 330 (hence the name of the band).[1]

The band is self-described as "psycho ska" and is known for its lively performances and a general ethic of fun and optimism. MU330's lineup has changed frequently, but the foundations of the band remained intact — Potthast, Diebold and Moll.[1]

Singer Dan Potthast has released solo work and has also started a second band The Stitch Up with former Slow Gherkin frontman James Rickman. Drummer Ted Moll has a side project band called Bagheera.


  • Dan Potthast - Vocals and Guitar
  • Gerry Lundquist - Trombone
  • Ted Moll - Drummer
  • Chris Diebold - Bassist
  • Rob Bell - Trombone

Former MembersEdit

  • Jason Nelson - Vocals
  • John Kavanaugh (aka Skavanaw) - Trumpet and Vocals
  • Matt Struckel - Keyboards
  • Nick Baur - Trumpet
  • Matt Knobbe - Saxophone
  • Traygen Bilsland - Saxophone


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Live AlbumsEdit

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