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Compilation Album
Released 1998
Label Victory Records

Track ListingEdit

  1. All Out War - "Claim Your Innocence"
  2. Atom & His Package - "Pumping Iron For Enya"
  3. Buried Alive - "Kill Their Past"
  4. Damnation AD - "Fallacies"
  5. 88 Fingers Louie - "Drunk and Ugly"
  6. Fast Times - "Riot Act"
  7. For the Living - "Text Book Life"
  8. I Hate You - "Cram"
  9. Indecision - "Most Precious Blood"
  10. Kid Dynamite - "Show Off"
  11. Lanemeyer - "Me and You on the Big Screen"
  12. Less Than Jake - Cheese
  13. Longfellow - "Odd Job"
  14. Nine Lives - "Lonely One"
  15. One Hit Wonder - "Go Postal"
  16. Six Going On Seven - "Reverse Midas"
  17. Ultimate Warriors - "Title Your Songs Asshole"

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