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Released 2003
Label Atlantic Records

Grind is the soundtrack to the 2003 skateboarding film, Grind. It was released on August 12, 2003 through Atlantic Records and consisted of a blend of alternative rock, punk rock, hip hop and reggae music.

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Donnas - "Too Bad About Your Girl"
  2. P.O.D. - "Boom"
  3. Sean Paul - "Get Busy (Remix)"
  4. Simple Plan - "I'm Just a Kid"
  5. Sublime - "Smoke Two Joints"
  6. Unwritten Law - "Seein Red"
  7. Wayne Wonder - "No Letting Go"
  8. Lil Kim - "The Jump Off (Remix)"
  9. Trapt - "These Walls"
  10. The Used - "Poetic Tragedy"
  11. All Too Much - "More Than A Friend"
  12. Less Than Jake - Look What Happened
  13. SLR Whitestar - "99 Bottles"
  14. Jazze Pha - "Ay Dawg"
  15. Shinedown - "Fly From The Inside"
  16. Hot Action Cop - "Goin Down on It"
  17. The Peak Show - "Stupid Little Fellow"

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