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Fueled By Ramen: Feeds Your Ears Vol. 1
Feeds Your Ears
Compilation Album
Released 2002
Label Fueled By Ramen

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Stereo - "You Better Believe It"
  2. Recover - "Betting All I Have"
  3. The 20GoTo10 - "10 Start Program" (Demo)
  4. Cadillac Blindside - "True and Cold"
  5. The Impossibles - "Slowpoke"
  6. Blueline Medic - "Up Against A Fault"
  7. Less Than Jake - Son of Dick
  8. The Pietasters - "Rachel"
  9. Frodus - "Honest Praise the Great Motivator"
  10. The Ӕffect - "Where Did You Go?"
  11. Jersey - "Initiative"
  12. The Impossibles - "Disintegration"
  13. Foundation - "The Skies Won't Fall"
  14. Recover - "Unnatural"
  15. Mid Carson July - "Top Shelf"
  16. Whippersnapper - "This Silence" (Demo)
  17. The Stereo - "Waiting for the Moment"

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