Drive Me Crazy
Drive Me Crazy
Soundtrack Album
Released 1999
Label Jive

Drive Me Crazy is a soundtrack album for the film of the same name. The soundtrack was released by Jive Records and includes the Less Than Jake song Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding along with 14 other songs.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Britney Spears - "(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!)"
  2. Jars of Clay - "Unforgetful You"
  3. Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way (The Jack D. Elliot Remix)"
  4. Barenaked Ladies - "It's All Been Done"
  5. Plumb - "Stranded"
  6. Matthew Sweet - "Faith in You"
  7. Phantom Planet - "Is This Really Happening To Me?"
  8. Steps - "One for Sorrow"
  9. The Tamperer - "Hammer to the Heart"
  10. Don Philip - "Sugar"
  11. Mukala - "Regret"
  12. Silage - "Original"
  13. Less Than Jake - Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding
  14. The Donnas - "Keep on Loving You"

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