Dr. Martens/Capitol Records Music Sampler
Doc Martens Sampler
Compilation Album
Released 1998
Label Capitol

Track ListingEdit

  1. Foo Fighters - "New Way Home"
  2. Supergrass - "Late in the Day"
  3. Ben Lee - "New Song"
  4. Less Than Jake - Sugar in Your Gas Tank
  5. The Dandy Warhols - "Minnesoter"
  6. Plastilina Mosh - "Monster Truck"
  7. 1000 Clowns - "I Love NY"
  8. Dance Hall Crashers - "All Mine"
  9. Eagle Eye Cherry - "Save Tonight"
  10. Everclear - "El Distorto de Melodica"
  11. Fat Amy - "Purple"
  12. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - "Jumpin Jack"
  13. Frenzal Rhomb - "Punch in the Face"

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