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Closer Than You Vol. 1: Florida Ska
Closer Than You
Compilation Album
Released 1996
Label Moon Ska/Caroline

Track ListingEdit

  1. Magadog - "So Much"
  2. Less Than Jake - Growing Up on a Couch
  3. Skif Dank - "Looking Up"
  4. The Usuals - "Besame Mucho"
  5. Blue City Kings - "Kojack"
  6. Pork Pie Tribe - "My Dog Pedro"
  7. The Rug Cutters - "Smoke in My Horn"
  8. Baccone Dolce - "Picture"
  9. Hopscotch - "Senator"
  10. The Jive Step Bunch - "Knocked Out"
  11. Skahumbug - "Stressed Out"
  12. The Shakes Society - "The Bone"
  13. Majik Dirt - "Mohammed Ali"
  14. Magadog - "Less Baltimore"
  15. Skalidays - "Peanuts and Radishes"
  16. Lame - "A Few Too Many"
  17. The Usuals - "Don't Tell Me"
  18. Less Than Jake - My Very Own Flag
  19. Blue City Kings - "It's Time"
  20. Pork Pie Tribe - "Skanking in Scotland"

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