City of Gainesville
First Released GNV FLA
Recorded Atlas Studios
Length 1:54
Singer Roger
Produced by Matt Allison


We have our master plan
bottled and canned
livin in the 352
steps one and two
walk home drunk, wake up confused
with a stranger next to you
The copied costumes and conversations
they seem to be totally making this
into a strip mall kind of town
use my credit card to buy alcohol
student loan spent at the mall and I
I may be going broke
but I'm never broken down

We have our history
just you and me
but our future gets talked away
steps three and four
staying drunk, sit on this porch
planning out how to escape
cuz we're two truck stops off the interstate
promised land with a twist of fate
we're a town for all the lost and found
so sleep tight in this smokey room
still buzzed from this afternoon and I
I may be going broke
but I'm never broken down


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