Cinema Beer Nuts
Video Release / Compilation Album
Released September 1997
Label Hopeless

Cinema Beer Nuts is the third release in the Cinema Beer Series put out by Hopeless Records. This is a compilation of 19 music videos including a live version of the Less Than Jake song Automatic. It was released on VHS in 1997 and eventually reissued in DVD. A "soundtrack" version was also released on CD.

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Vandals - "It's a Fact"
  2. MxPx - "Doing Time"
  3. Mustard Plug - "You"
  4. Less Than Jake - Automatic (live)
  5. Ignite - "Embrace"
  6. Lunachicks - "Don't Want You"
  7. The Queers - "Don't Back Down"
  8. Nobodys - "A Girl Like You"
  9. Hi-Standard - "Fighting Fists"
  10. Voodoo Glow Skulls - "Bulletproof"
  11. Assorted Jelly Beans - "No Time"
  12. AFI - "He Who Laughs Last"
  13. Strife - "Blistered"
  14. Goober Patrol - "Biggest Joke"
  15. Shades Apart - "Tainted Love"
  16. The Marshes - "The Girl on the Bus"
  17. Horace Pinker - "Pop Can Park"
  18. Link 80 - "Verbal Kint"
  19. Millencolin - "Lozin' Must"

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