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Bootleg A Bootleg, You Cut Out the Middleman
Bootleg A Bootleg
Live Album
Released 1997
Length 36:02
Label Fueled By Ramen

Bootleg a Bootleg, You Cut Out the Middleman is a live album by Less Than Jake, recorded on May 29, 1997 in Las Vegas, NV during the Caffeine Nation Tour. It was originally recorded for Westwood-1 Radio, but station copy was stolen and copies regularly sold on eBay for over $20. Upset that their fans were being exploited, the band obtained a copy and released it themselves for a cheaper price through their mailorder.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Automatic - 2:47
  2. Time and a Half/Econolodged - 5:15
  3. Happyman / 9th at Pine - 3:55
  4. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts - 3:00
  5. Lockdown - 2:46
  6. Laverne and Shirley - 0:53
  7. Shindo - 2:15
  8. Liquor Store - 2:46
  9. Jen - 2:52
  10. Big - 2:43
  11. Sugar In Your Gas Tank - 2:06
  12. Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria - 2:15
  13. We're Not Gonna Take It - 2:29

Album ArtEdit

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