First Released Slayer (single)
Length 1:43
Singer Vinnie

Antichrist is a Slayer song written by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King for their 1983 debut album Show No Mercy.

Less Than Jake's version of the song is roughly a minute shorter than the original and is notable for being only one of two songs featuring drummer Vinnie Fiorello on lead vocals. The song was originally featured as the B-side on their Slayer 7" and plays from the inside out on the record. The song later showed up on all versions of Goodbye Blue & White.


Screams and nightmares of a
life I want
can't see living this lie no
a world I want
you've lost all control of my
heart and my soul
Satan holds the future
watch it unfold

I am the Antichrist
it's what I've got to be
your God left me behind
and set my soul to be free

Watching disciples of the
satanic rule
pentagram of blood
holds the jackal's truth
searching for the answer
Christ hasn't come
awaiting the final moment
the birth of Satan's son

I am the Antichrist
all love is lost
insanity is what I am
eternally my soul will rot


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