Another Round of Golf Vol. 3
Another Round Of Golf Vol3
Compilation Album
Released 2001
Label Golf

Another Round of Golf Vol. 3 is the third installment of the "Another Round of Golf" compilations put out by Golf Records in 2001. This album features two Less Than Jake songs, Kehoe and Is This Thing On?, which were both previously released on Borders & Boundaries.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Welt - "Two Years"
  2. Welt - "World is Mine"
  3. Less Than Jake - Kehoe
  4. Less Than Jake - Is This Thing On?
  5. The Get Up Kids - "Don't Hate Me"
  6. The Get Up Kids - "Red Letter Day"
  7. Death on Wednesday - "If You Want"
  8. Death on Wednesday - "Fall Tears Down"
  9. Schindler - "Gusher"
  10. The Real McKenzies - "To the Battle"
  11. Southport - "Pilot"
  12. Slow Gherkin - "Another in Your Life"
  13. As Friends Rust - "Half Friend Town"
  14. 7 Seconds - "Regardless No Way"
  15. Youth Brigade - "Sink With California"
  16. River City High - "I Wish on Every Nickel"
  17. Midtown - "You Should Know"

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